2021 Exhibit Virtual Design Fair

#COVID. We are trying something new (and very on-the-fly) this year and taking our Exhibit Design Fair virtual! Obviously this is not the ideal format, but we're trying it. Hopefully we will be back in person for all future years, but if we ever have to go virtual again, this was a significant learning opportunity! So be aware there are a lot of things that didn't quite work out to plan, and if you are gracious enough to judge for us, you'll probably have to bear with some shaky videos and less-than-ideal photos, but ... learning experience! If we have to do this again, it'll be much better next time around.

Skip any icons marked "No presentation." They have no presentation, so it'll mostly just take you to an "invalid" link or loop you back to this page. But if I removed them, it messed up my entire numbering system and it's too late in the day to mess with that. 😉

The exhibits most in need of judging have an asterisk before the title, like *Exhibit 17. If you can only do a couple, please focus first on exhibits with asterisks in front of the title because those have either not been judged or have only been judged once.

There is a link to the simplified online judging form on the Resources page of the Volunteer Portal, or on the first slide of each presentation. It will probably be easiest if you have two monitors or two devices, or you split screen between the two windows if you don’t want to have to switch back and forth between windows. (You can certainly do it with one screen, it’ll just require switching back and forth between the windows for the exhibit and the judging form.)

Each presentation SHOULD have a title slide with a picture of the animal, a video tour, photos, signs, possibly some typed notes, and a sketch of the exhibit. Many of the presentations are missing one or more of those elements. Just mark those as missing on your digital judging form, please. If the video is too shaky or the pictures are not clear, you are welcome to skip an exhibit and move on to a different one. We will be happy whether you judge one exhibit or the whole set. 🙂

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! We appreciate everything you do for the class!

No presentation

No presentation

Exhibit 7

No presentation

*Exhibit 13

No presentation

Exhibit 19

Exhibit 22

Exhibit 25

*Exhibit 28

No presentation

No presentation

Exhibit 5

Exhibit 8

*Exhibit 11

Exhibit 14

*Exhibit 17

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Exhibit 23

*Exhibit 26

*Exhibit 29

*Exhibit 32

Exhibit 3 - Video Only

Exhibit 6

Exhibit 9

Exhibit 12

Exhibit 15

Exhibit 18

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Exhibit 24

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*Exhibit 30