Conservation Engagement and Learning Program Materials

We are in the process of updating our program write ups to reflect our current programming. As we release new documents, they will be posted here. Please check the dates at the end of each document to find the newest versions.

Conservation Stations

Black Rhino Station (2021)

Bald Eagle Station (2023)

Cotton Top Tamarin (2022)

Lion (2022)

Magellanic Penguin (2023)

Otter (2023)

Pollinators - Coming soon!

Red Panda (2023)

Tiger (2023)


Adaptations Encounter (2023)

BZL Rhino Encounter (2022)


Adaptations Tour (2022)

Animals in Winter (2017)

Careers at the Zoo (2017)

Designing Zoo Habitats (2022)

Fur, Feathers, Scales, and Slime (2017)

Habitats (2017)

Last Ark (2017)

Sensational Zoo (2017)

What's for Lunch (2022)

Zoo in Your Neighborhood

Lesson Plans

Food Web Lesson Plan (2024)

Fur, Feathers, Scales Lesson Plan (2024)

Water Lesson (2024)

Wild Tales

Wild Tales: Lions, Tigers, and Bears
Lesson Plans (UPDATED - 2024)

Wild Tales: In My Neighborhood
(UPDATED - 2024)

Wild Tales: Scales and Slime
(UPDATED - 2024)